Travel Suppliers Become the Hero in their Destination Storytelling

Travel marketers can now quickly bring guest experiences to life with deeper engagement and higher booking conversion rates.

New York, NY – December 1, 2020 - fabl, the cloud-based, turn-key web publishing SaaS platform used by/for Samsung, Netflix, Oracle, and other international brands to produce visually immersive content experiences are now helping travel companies tell better stories with the launch of, a managed service designed to help travel brands cost-effectively bring their guest experiences to life in a storytelling format.


"A fabl-designed story is not the same as adding a page to an existing website. Digital storytelling requires a flow between sections of diversified content. Imagine each visual element as a stand-alone adventure; without the story surrounding it, the context, meaning, and importance are lost." says Taj Forer Co-Founder of fabl.


fabl technology does all the heavy lifting, and in record time, so you can create and publish a brand-controlled, immersive storytelling experience directly into your existing website inclusive of videos, images, audio, galleries, social feeds, booking widgets, and embed codes — all without the use of a web developer, outside agency, or designer.  Use cases include campaign landing pages, blogs, specials, weddings/honeymoons, and guest portals.


Over 90% of consumers visiting travel and hospitality websites abandon them, with less than 2% of these visitors making it to the booking page (Google).

"This is the problem is solving," says Shri Lildharrie, travel lead at fabl. "Consumers abandon websites primarily because of poor content experience. With the use of fabl, marketers see more than 66% of visitors scrolling between 50% to 100% of each page and consuming over three minutes of content, on average.”

fabl clients report a +100% increase in engagement across both desktop and mobile platforms when compared to industry standards. With engagement serving as a precursor to conversions, fabl clients consistently report a 2x-4x increase to conversion rates.


"Continuing to apply the same old tactics and investing limited marketing dollars and resources driving consumers to underperforming websites and static web pages is unjustifiable and counterproductive. Consumers are dreaming about traveling again, so destination marketers must engage potential travelers with compelling and socially engaging content experiences. fabl will do just that; oh-hum static website pages are just not cutting it." says Mr. Lildharrie.


fabl also offers enterprise licenses so that marketing teams can publish immersive content pages into their existing website(s) in storytelling formats across hotel brands, properties, or audience segments.


For more information on fabl for travel, please visit or fill out the contact form below for a free consultation or email To view fabl explainer video click here.


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